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Need a One Stop Professional for All Your Needs?

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Need a One Stop Professional for All Your Needs?

What Are the Different Kinds of Handyman & Janitorial Services on Offer

A handyman comes with the skills to maintain and repair the inside and outside of homes and commercial businesses. Duties could include, painting, carpentry, remodeling and other handyman & janitorial services. Most also have the skills for basic plumbing and electrical work.

Some jobs sometimes call for a handyman to remodel a room from the ground upwards. For instance, bathrooms and kitchens are rooms in a property which are remodeled most often, and they will need a professional that has skills in different areas. If there is a leak, a damaged subfloor which will have to be replaced and then covered over with either carpet, tile, hardwood, linoleum, or laminate flooring, then a handyman is the person for the job. Damaged walls could have to be repaired or replaced, and faulty plumbing repaired. Toilets and sinks could need to be replaced or repaired too.

In a kitchen, jobs can include refacing, installing, and constructing cabinets. Countertops, dishwashers, sinks, ovens and garbage disposals could have to be installed, and an experienced handyman should be able to do basic repairs on appliances also. He should be able to do general jobs such as painting, and more specific ones like connecting an icemaker in a refrigerator to the plumbing. Interior jobs could include assembling  furniture, taking down walls, hanging doors, and the likes of air conditioners, ceiling fans,  and lights.

The exterior and other buildings also could use a handyman’s skills for maintenance. Some jobs could need someone with the skill to replace siding and repair roofs. Installing and repairing gutters are also common jobs which are done outside.

Some jobs call for someone to clean swimming pools and care for the surrounding landscape. They could cut down and trim trees. Apartment complexes and parks bring in experienced handymen to clean, care, and repair their properties, playgrounds, swimming pools and tennis courts. Real estate agencies also use these people to maintain their properties.

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