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More About Our Dependable Commercial Lawn Care Services

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A well-maintained lawn can be a valuable addition to any commercial building. If you are too busy to maintain your lawn in McKinney, TX, let Odds & Ends Handyman & Janitorial Services do it for you. We have tended to different lawns across the city for 33 years. We do so with proper care for complete client satisfaction. Here are some of the lawn care services we provide in detail:

  • Lawn Mowing – It is important to mow your grass throughout the seasons for consistent health. Thus, you should hire us for scheduled lawn mowing service. We have mowers of different sizes and types suited for various commercial lawns. You can also expect us to carry cutting-edge trimmers and other mowing equipment. These, along with our expertise, ensure effective mowing for your lawn grass.
  • Lawn Fertilization – You can also hire us to do the lawn fertilizing for you. You can expect us to test your lawn soil acidity before feeding it. This is so we can determine the right fertilizer and nutrients your lawn plants need. You can then expect us to aerate your lawn soil for better fertilizer absorption. We will use spreaders for even fertilizer application. Once done, we will clean excess fertilizer to prevent lawn pollution.
  • Lawn Irrigation – Also, we can water your lawn grass and plants adequately. We have the skill and experience to water them without compromising their health. We can install, repair, and maintain automated lawn sprinkler systems. So don’t hesitate to contact us for your lawn irrigation needs.

You can depend on Odds & Ends Handyman & Janitorial Services for reliable lawn care services in McKinney, TX. We also provide professional handyman and cleaning services. We do these with quality work to meet or even exceed client expectations. For lawn care schedules and other service inquiries, give us a call today at (972) 232-1930.